Man Shot, Killed His Brother During Fight, Tulsa Police Say

Man Shot, Killed His Brother During Fight, Tulsa Police Say

A man shot and killed his brother during a fight at a home near 46th Street North and Boulder on Tuesday morning, Tulsa Police said.

It is the city’s first homicide of 2023.

Byron Speed died from several gun shot wounds, according to police. Detectives learned from family members that Bryon’s brother, Clifton, was the shooter.

Family members took the gun away from Clifton before officers got there, said police.

Police said they quickly found and arrested Clifton and that’s when they learned Clifton had also assaulted another relative.

“The person who owns the house was assaulted by the suspect earlier in the day and was injured and taken by family to get treatment. When he came back, other family members came to the scene to just be with that family member,” said Lieutenant Brandon Watkins with Tulsa Police.

Police said Byron was at the house when Clifton showed up and the two got into a fight. Clifton was injured in the fight and taken to the hospital.

Watkins said it is always sad and challenging when investigating murders within a family.

“It is extremely difficult because you really feel for these people. They’ve lost a brother and they’ve got another brother who is being arrested for a murder. This is tough for anybody but you really feel for these people,” said Watkins.

Clifton Speed is still in the hospital but will be arrested for murder and having a gun as a felon once he is released. Records show he has spent time in prison for drugs and weapons convictions.

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