‘He didn’t take down the rhetoric’: Chuck Todd rips Trump attorney on violent social media posts

Joseph Tacopina, an attorney for Donald Trump, argued on Sunday that the former president had been “ill-advised” to post inflammatory rhetoric that could spur his supporters to violence.

During an interview on
Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd asked Tacopina about Trump’s social media post where he is holding a baseball bat in connection to possible charges in Manhattan.

“That was an ill-advised post that one of his social media people put up, and he quickly took it down when he realized the rhetoric and the photo that was attached to it,” the attorney insisted.

“He didn’t take down the other rhetoric. Wait a minute; wait a minute; wait a minute,” Todd interrupted. “You’re referring to the baseball bat thing, which of course, was featured in the
New York Post.”

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“He went to January 6, so it’s it’s not like a possibility that Trump’s rhetoric creates violence; it’s already happened once,” Todd added. “Are you not concerned this could happen?”

“I’m not accepting that proposition that his rhetoric created violence,” Tacopina argued. “I think violence was on the way on that day, but I’m not here to discuss that, Chuck; I’m not going to defend or condemn anything regarding social media. That’s not what I do. I’m not a Trump P.R. person. I’m a litigator and a lawyer.”

Tacopina also asserted that Trump used “personal funds” to pay hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Todd noted that the checks came from the Trump Organization, not Trump’s bank account.

Watch the video below from NBC or at the link.

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